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Alexia Pendleton

About The Speaker

Alexia Pendleton aka @thedancerteacher is a kindergarten teacher in Atlantic City, Nj and 2020 Teacher of the Year. Her philosophy is educating and elevating the whole child. She has been an educator for over 6 years and values community, culture, and creativity. Relationship building and engagement is also the foundation of her classroom. It is a priority for her to revolutionize what education looks like for primary students. She finds every opportunity to incorporate culturally responsive techniques, movement and music in the classroom. Her ability to infuse different learning styles stems from her experience as a dance instructor. In 2009 she began teaching at different dance studios in South Jersey. Currently she is a choreographer at the TLC Academy of Dance. She teaches dance fitness to adults to focus on self-care and wellness. She is a Hip-Hop Fitness instructor at Hometown Health and Fitness as well as N.Y.C fitness. She works with The Momentous Collective an organization that focuses on emotional, physical and financial wellness. In 2020 she joined the movement; Teachers For Good Trouble to demand freedom from standardized testing. Aside from her busy schedule, family is a top priority in her life. She is the eldest of 6 kids, a wife and mother to two boys. They are her motivation. Her goal is to continue to elevate others to be the best version of themselves.

Making the Most of Music and Movement / Building a Strong Classroom Community

Session 1: Music and Movement are a universal language of creativity, learning and love. Why not find ways to activate, engage and elevate student learning by incorporating Music and movement throughout the day! This session will provide meaningful and EASY strategies to incorporate music and movement to your daily routine.

Session 2: Building a Strong Classroom Community is essential for a successful year. Forming authentic relationships and building community and culture in your classroom are needed before the learning can begin. This session will provide skills and strategies to develop community deepen the understanding of culture with your scholars.

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