Shannon Cunningham Lanning

Shannon Cunningham Lanning TYHO Speaker

Shannon Cunningham Lanning

About The Speaker

Shannon is currently an Early Literacy Teacher in North Texas and loves working in the primary grades. Over her education career, Shannon has spent time in classrooms in Arizona, Nebraska, and the great state of Texas. Shannon holds an endorsement for teaching English as A Second Language and has worked with ESL students throughout her entire career. In 2020, Shannon was awarded as the Campus and District Elementary Teacher of The Year. With a passion for teaching both students and teachers, Shannon’s goal is for classrooms to be a place where students can grow and thrive academically and emotionally.

Supporting Your English Language Learners in Reading and Writing
Come learn intentional ideas and tools to create an immersive language experience for your young learners in reading and writing! You will find that many of these strategies will benefit the language skills of ALL your students. Reading and writing are life long skills that we want our students to use with CONFIDENCE, so let’s give them that strong foundation, Shannon will show you how!

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